Adult Golf Lessons, the Introduction to Golf Program

This flexible golf instruction program consists of five 90 minute lessons taught over a five-week period at the practice area and on the course. This is an excellent class for a beginner’s introduction to golf or for a long-time golfer who has never been trained on the fundamentals of the golf swing.
Classes cover putting, chipping, pitching, and full swing with irons, fairway woods, and driver. During the on-course portion of each class, we cover topics such as: golf etiquette, course management, and the rules of golf.
By the end of the class, students will be familiar with playing on a golf course, how to play with other golfers, and will have a practice plan that will help them improve their newly acquired skills. The cost for “Introduction to Golf” is $149 for adults. If you have juniors or grandchildren, take lessons with them in April. There is no additional cost for juniors!
To find out more about our Golf Club programs, email Ernie Hutchins at for the class overview and to sign up.