Friday Night Couples

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Open to all members of the Birch Bay Village Golf Club and their guests.  Everyone is welcome, not just couples.  This is a great way to meet other golfers in a fun filled format.  Friday Night Couples is all about FUN!

– Summer Season:  4:30 pm;

– Early Spring and Fall:  4:00 pm.

Check in 30 minutes prior to tee time.

Shot Gun Start, all members tee off at the same time from different tees.

Entry Fee: $0.50 a person (win a golf ball, or maybe an ice cream bar!)

Primary Contact: Rob Goodman,



9 holes.

Teams of 4 or 6 players.

Handicaps are not used.

Scramble format with a Twist.


The Scramble

All team members tee off and then decide which tee shot they like the best and mark that spot.  The other team members pick up their balls and place them beside the marked spot, and everyone hits their 2nd shot from that spot.  This continues for each shot until one player holes out.


The Twist

The Twist takes on a different fun format each week. Some examples are:

  • Free throw (each team member gets to throw the ball once on each hole);
  • Free kick (each team member gets to kick the ball once on each hole);
  • Crazy putters (putt with a different crazy putter on each hole, such as a hockey stick, or a pool noodle);
  • Sit on a chair for your tee shot;
  • Vegas golf (after tee shots are hit, roll a dice to see whose tee shot you must use);
  • Putt with plums (use plums instead of balls on the green, played only during the fall harvest);
  • Backwards golf (tee off from 1st tee box to 9th green, from 9th tee box to 8th green, etc);
  • Butt putt (use your imagination);

plus many, many more!

So…if you’re ready to have a good laugh and a great time on the golf course, to socialize with other fun loving members of the Birch Bay Village Golf Club, then come on out to Friday Night Couples Golf and have FUN! 

The Club membership fee is only $5 US and includes access to Ladies Club, Men’s Club, Friday Night Couples, Scramble Club, Monday Money Club, a Mid-Week Evening 9-hole club, Informal Tuesday Ladies Club, Club Tournaments, “Golf Improvement” clinics, and voting rights at Club meetings.

Download the member application