Friday Night Fun

Open to all members of the Birch Bay Village Golf Club and their guests.  This is a great way to meet other golfers in a fun filled format.  If you’re ready to have a good laugh and a great time on the golf course, then come out and join us for Friday night FUN!


Primary Contact: Rob Goodman,

Schedule and Fees

  • Plays on FRIDAYS during the summer season
    • SUMMER SEASON 4:30pm, CHECK-IN at 4pm
    • EARLY SPRING AND FALL 4pm, CHECK-IN at 3:30pm
    • Shot Gun Start, all members tee off at the same time from different tees.


    • Entry fee is $0.50
    • all entry fees are paid out at the end of the round.
    • The number of payout places depends on the number of players.
    • Win a golf ball, or maybe an ice cream bar!

Scoring and Handicap

  • Each player’s GHIN handicap is converted to a course handicap.
  • A variety of games are played each week with most scores being post-able.


  • Men play from the White/Blue tee boxes or the White/Combo tee boxes.

Course Handicap

  • A course handicap is a number that indicates how many handicap strokes a golfer receives at the specific golf course (and specific set of tees) being played.  Course handicap usually differs from a player’s GHIN index due to a specific course’s rating and slope.
  • Stroke play; also known as medal play, is a scoring system in the sport of golf in which the total number of strokes per player or team is counted over one, or more rounds, of 18 holes.

The Scramble

  • All team members tee off and then decide which tee shot they like the best and mark that spot. 
  • The other team members pick up their balls and place them beside the marked spot, and everyone hits their 2nd shot from that spot. 
  • This continues for each shot until one player holes out.