Women's League

The Women’s League is open to Birch Bay Village Golf Club Members and their guests with a GHIN handicap index. Each player must pay the appropriate Green Fee for their round at check-in. Participants play with other Members of varying levels of golf skills with GHIN handicap indexes. We will get you in a group and out playing. If you don’t have a GHIN handicap index, you can establish one through the Club. The League generally plays a shotgun start so we all finish at approximately the same time to enjoy lunch, beverage, and snacks from the Golf & Grille at the end of the round.

  • Golf Club Membership ($20)* is required to join the Women’s
  • There is an additional $20 annual fee for the Women’s
  • A current GHIN handicap index is required to play in the Women’s League (not required for guests). You can request and pay for a GHIN using the Golf Club Application Form process —the cost this year is $36.00.
  • Women’s League Schedule– Wednesdays Apr-Sept, 9:30 am, check-in 9:00 am.  This may move to an earlier time slot once the season gets underway.
  • The scoring system for the League is Stroke Play.**
  • Entry fee for cash prizes still to be determined
  • Each player’s GHIN index is used to define their course handicap (see below).
  • Women’s League Contacts:


Frequently Played Round Formats

(Game Formats will be determined by the league once the league is underway)

Options Might be:

  • Team: Best 2 of 3 team players’ scores vs. other teams
  • Team: Best 3 of 4 team players’ scores vs. other teams
  • Individual Low Net: Lowest score using individual course handicap

Frequently Played Side Games (separate entry fee)

  • Skins: Lowest score by a player on each hole
  • Greenies: Birdie or better by a player on designated holes reached in regulation
  • Closest to the pin
  • Others


Women play from red/red or red/white tee boxes.  Once the tee box has been chosen it must stay as the designated tee box for the season.

Course Handicap

A course handicap is a number that indicates how many handicap strokes a golfer receives at the specific golf course (and specific set of tees) being played.  Course handicap usually differs from a player’s GHIN index due to a specific course’s rating and slope.

*The Club Membership fee is $20 US and includes club meetings, special events and cost of meals at events. 

**Stroke play; also known as medal play, is a scoring system in the sport of golf in which the total number of strokes per player or team is counted over one, or more rounds, of 18 holes