Posting Scores and Maintaining a Handicap


  • BBVGC members are encouraged to establish a handicap index (e.g., GHIN or other acceptable index).
  • BBVGC members are expected to post scores for all rounds of golf played under the rules of golf (9 holes and/or 18 holes), whether played at home or away, for purposes of establishing or maintaining a handicap. However, rounds played "solo" cannot be posted for GHIN purposes.
  • Posted scores should reflect Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) adjustments.
  • Scores may be posted online at or at most golf course pro shops.




When posting scores, all scores should be Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) adjusted per procedures established by the USGA. (Note: In a tournament, scores are used as actually scored, but should be ESC adjusted when posted.)

ESC sets a maximum number that a player can post on any hole depending on the player's Course Handicap. The current ESC procedure is as follows:

There is no limit to the number of holes on which you must adjust your score. Just scan your scorecard and locate any holes where your score (either actual or probable) exceeds the maximum number you are allowed. Then reduce the scores on those holes to your maximum number and post your adjusted gross score for handicap purposes.



Uncle Snoopy and Woodstock play a match. Uncle Snoopy's USGA Handicap Index of 11.6 translates to a Course Handicap of 13; the chart above reveals that he was allowed a maximum number of 7 on any hole, when posting his score for handicap purposes. Woodstock's USGA Handicap Index of 18.4 gave him a Course Handicap of 20; he was allowed a maximum number of 8 on any hole. – Suppose one of them picks up his ball to speed up play? On the second hole, Woodstock picked up his ball two feet from the hole lying 5. His most likely score would have been 6. Woodstock jotted down an X-6; 6 is less than 8, so he uses 6 when posting his score for handicap purposes. – Both players had problems on the fourth hole. Woodstock made a 9, which he then adjusted to an 8 for posting purposes; Uncle Snoopy recorded a 10, which he adjusted back to a 7 when he posted his score. – At the seventh hole, Woodstock holed a 40-foot putt for a 7 while Uncle Snoopy was 30 feet from the hole lying 7. Since Uncle Snoopy was out of the hole, he picked up his ball to speed up play. His most likely score would have been 9, so he jotted down an X-9 and adjusted it to his maximum number of 7 as he was required to do for posting his score.